Projects — Business cases

21. February 2020

It’s all about the bee

This gift set (was our Christmas present) is all about the hard-working insects. High-quality natural products such as mountain honey, honey chocolate and a candle […]
21. February 2020

Fine wines packed with brains

The innovative packaging for 2 x 3 lying Bordeaux bottles is the perfect combination between transport and gift box. Delivered flat to save space, thanks […]
9. July 2019

SALEWA stops plastic packaging

SALEWA will be shipping its products ecologically and sustainably using our ColomPac® “Grass Box” from July 2019 and will completely eliminate the use of plastic […]
3. October 2018

Lovingly designed ColomPac® shipping packaging for fresh cakes.

Who bakes the best cakes? The Bavarian start-up  KUCHENTRATSCH also asked itself this question and the answer was quite clear: Grandma! So the idea was […]
30. August 2018

Sausage experience by post

You’ve heard of the sausage letter, right? After all, it’s real! And it can be found in the online shop of the Böbel Butchery. The Franconian […]
30. August 2018

Cardboard replaces plastic

“Our environment counts” – this is one of CERATIZIT’s corporate values. The company, which is active worldwide in the tool and metal industry, is now […]
30. August 2018

A successful appearance

Judith Williams’ story would be the stuff of a feature film. The successful entrepreneur, who should be familiar to many from the start-up show “Höhle […]
30. August 2018

Freshness free to your door

Online food retailing is becoming more and more popular with workforces for catering at the workplace. The Swiss company Fruit Box Express specialises in this […]
30. August 2018

Black beauty

The young fashion label Vogelwuid was enthusiastic about the ColomPac® Euroboxes, but it still lacked its own signature. Of course, Dinkhauser was able to help […]