Product brands

19. August 2018

tidyPac® – the box system for filing and archiving.

tidyPac® offers a comprehensive range for archiving and moving. Available from stock at short notice, we offer all you need to bring order and structure […]
19. August 2018

joyPac® – creative solutions from cardboard and corrugated board

Here you can find original and creative Advent calendars – individually designed or printed upon request. In addition, with the White Line product range, we […]
19. August 2018

BoxaNova – shelf-ready packaging

Why compromise in your shelves? With BoxaNova, we offer you the ideal solution: Glued into a protective corrugated outer, your solid or corrugated cardboard shelf […]
19. August 2018

ShowPac® – pattern collections

Genuine pattern collections are considered the most important tool of sales representatives in the wood products industry, since there is no substitute for the presentation […]
19. August 2018

app-packaging – the Augmented Reality packaging

“Anyone who speaks the language of the time will be heard!” Augmented reality (AR for short) links physical packaging with digital information. This opens up […]
19. August 2018

nobleprint® – brilliant printing results

nobleprint® is a special UV-printing technique that showcases matt and gloss effects in a hitherto unknown brilliance. The nobleprint® technology can recreate drops of water […]
19. August 2018

twin secure – the next-generation double flute

High stability, little volume and no washboard effect – twin secure resolves all the issues of offset-laminated packaging. A stability index that is up to […]
19. August 2018

foodmailer® 2020 – the fresh idea for food shipments

A 100% solution for the market of the future, e-food. Made of 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard, the foodmailer® protects and insulates the chilled food without […]
19. August 2018

Original ColomPac® – e-commerce packaging with self-sealing

There are things that you will not be able to send by e-mail for a long time to come. And this is exactly where the […]